C3 Referral Network

C3 is the referral network of Connected LLC. It consists of Non Profits that have the ability to refer quality applicants to Connected LLC for employment opportunities in the contact center.

Connected LLC operates contact centers Polo Manche Longue Stone Island Homme through out the USA. C3 is a branch of Connected LLC that chooses to work with the Non-Profit Stone Island Soldes community.  We recognize

  1. Non Profits provide much needed services in the community
  2. They have access to Stone Island Hoodie Homme potential labor resources unknown to most
  3. They know them enough to assess their ability to do the job
  4. Their mission allow them to be an additional support for the referred

Referral Process

Agency sends us a referral form with basic information regarding one of their constituencies. We contact them, obtain more information, and conduct an interview If they are accepted into the program we train them, make sure they have access to a phone, internet and computer, and start their assignment.

For the referral that is accepted into the program and completes a month on their assignment the Non-Profit will receive a referral fee.

For Questions Call or email us.  To join the network simply fill out the form, copy and paste it to an email and send email to .

form will be here

Person being Referred by Non-Profit Agency

We are pleased to be able to offer employment opportunities to qualified folks interested in telemarketing or sales that are referred by a non-profit.

This opportunity favors those that put in the effort to master their craft.  Many will be working part time and Stone Island Hoodie Homme Soldes earning full time pay.  Pay and commission will depend on the assignment.

An entry level assignment may consist of Stone Island Soldes talking to prospects to see if they want bids on their air conditioning or perhaps on building a website.

Training will consist on learning the Stone Island Soldes system we use to make sales, the product to be offered and marketing techniques.  Hours are flexible with a work from home option.  Equipment needed includes a computer, internet, and headphones.

The Process

The Non-profit sends a referral to us with your basic information.  We will contact you for a phone interview If accepted we will train you and make sure you get started on the assignment. Paydays will be twice a month.