Campaign Management

Let the experience staff at EZ Connect Marketing run your marketing campaign for you. We specialize in gaining and maintain visibility. We will set up and run your customize campaign utilizing our highly optimized tools. We manage the process Nike Air Max 90 Ultra Pas Cher Homme for our clients so that they can do what they do best.

You can engage our services for as low as $125 a week.

We will work with you focusing on the big picture, helping to develop the plan, ensure the implementation, access results and give status updates with any recommendations.

We utilize a multi-touch process in which you can figure out what features you want to utilize. Chose from:

LinkedIn Campaign:  Our program will develop a customize campaign that will actively attract connections base on your product or service targets.  The value of the LinkedIn Campaign Management exceeds $2400

  1. Creating and updating profile if necessary
  2. Reaching out to 100’s of business professionals and/or groups to connect with you monthly
  3. Obtaining contact information
  4. Utilizing other multi-touch marketing tools and offers to nurture the relationship.

Voice Marketing:  EZ Connect Marketing will reach out to hundreds of prospects weekly to share information about your product or service.  If they say they are interested in more information we will forward the call to you directly.  You will be able to select the time of day that you want to receive the majority of your calls.  Trust us your phone will be ringing steady during that period.  The value of the Email Marketing will exceed $2200 a month.

Email Marketing:  We will promote your product and services by sending out email messages.  We can do a one time message or a series of messages over a period of time.  You will even have the ability to be notified when the email is opened.  This allows you to place a timely call thereafter!  The value of the Email Marketing exceeds $2200 month.

Website:  Ez Connect Marketing will add to your brand awareness by developing your website.  This will speak volums to those you connect with on  the internet.  You will be able to select the design and all of our sites come with a content Management System CRM) and a phone number for tracking your ROI.  We can even help you with developing the content for your site. The value of a professional website with a marketing system on the backend exceeds $2400.00

Make your first impression a positive one.

Video Pages:  We will collaborate with you to develop a video featuring your product or services.  Utilize it as an infomercial, product promotion, lead generator or part of email campaign.  We love this program because video’s are able to rank 30 times faster than the traditional website.  People would rather watch something than read something.  We will make sure it is SEO friendly and add back links for better ranking and to maintain top spots.  The value of creating your video campaign exceeds $1600.

You can choose one of these services or layer them for extreme results. Act Now and we will
provide the contacts/prospects for the first 3 months FREE.

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There is a onetime set up fee for each service.  Website set up fee is $175 and the other services are $30 each.

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